A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 5th March 2024

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, 1 America Square, London, 9th May 2023

Customer Experience Conference - 31 Speakers 1 Day!

Skyrocket Customer Interaction & Engagement With Fresh Digital & Personalised Customer Journey Innovations: Exceptional, Insight-Led Customer Experience Strategies Which Drive Commercial Success & Lasting Results

1st March 2023, One Great George Street, Central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remark

Charlotte May, Group Head of Customer Research, Legal & General




09.10 What Are Customers Really Looking For Today? Keep Pace With Rapidly Changing Consumer Expectations To Consistently Deliver Tailored & Meaningful Experiences For Your Consumer Base

  • Avoid over-promising and underdelivering! How can you realistically meet customers ever-changing priorities and expectations?
  • Stay ahead of the digital curve and deliver the updates and experiences that customers want tomorrow – today
  • Gen Z, millennials and over-75s… how can you keep up with the extensive and idly differing scope of customer expectations to deliver a seamless experience for all?


Nikki Saveker, Head of UX/UI, Holland & Barrett



Eifion Lloyd, Senior Manager, Customer Service Strategy, Transformation & Optimisation, Openreach



Stuart Balnaves, Deputy Director Customer Experience, Department for Education

Mark Anderson, Group Customer & Commercial Director, Go Ahead




Adam Bray, Director of Customer & Place Strategy, Savills

09.30 SPONSOR SPEAKER – Verint


09.45 Drive Forward Digital Innovation & Integration To Deliver Rich, Tailored & Personalised Customer Experiences Which Skyrocket Interaction & Engagement

  • Unlock new digital advancements which maximise automation and AI to guarantee a more immersive and personalised experience for your consumers
  • Deliver winning digital strategies which compliment your brand by understanding exactly what today’s customers expect and want from your digital strategies
  • Explore the brand new, digital innovations on the horizon that have the potential to revolutionise your CX

Rebecca Trebble, Head of Customer, The Very Group



10.00 2023 – Will It Really Be Any Different? Yes, Yes It Will

  • Sustainability becomes mainstream – changing demand from customers means that its no longer possible to pay lip service to ecologically friendly products and service. What challenges do we face as we try to include the green agenda in our marketing communications
  • Digital & Real World Merger – as marketers we are challenged by automation, artificial intelligence and scalability on a daily basis. Add to that new environments such as the metaverse and the challenges as digital and real worlds start to accelerate towards the inevitable collision what opportunities does this present
  • The Dawn of Data Realization – for years we have pursued that perfect customer record. To know all that can be known about a single customer but it now seems that this is not enough. With the intelligence we can now generate using our collective knowledge of customer how do you address the demands that this puts on your organization
  • Next Best Engagement – We understand the need to identify and act on the next best action in order to drive the sale of a product or the delivery of a service. But what of we turn it on its head and look at the next best engagement instead?


Mike Turner, Principal Business Advisor – CI Global Practice, SAS

10.15 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Power Data-Centric Personalisation Strategies Certain To Deliver Real & Long-Lasting Results

·   Market research, demographic data, surveys and more – deep dive into your customer segmentation to personalise content and deliver top-notch customer experiences every time

· From passive to proactive personalisation… move beyond the basics to capture and utilise all available data to fuel personalised content and create a tailored experience for all customers

·   What key advancements within AI and machine learning can be leveraged to maximise personalisation and boost customer engagement for your organisation?

·  Engage with your customers anytime, anywhere, across
channels and in multiple languages, with complete journey control and campaign
automation. Conversational AI boosts revenue using impactful customer


Courteney Sheppard, Head of Customer Contact, UCAS




Gianfranco Cuzziol, Group CRM & Personalisation Head, Natura & Co



Andy Hulse, CRM Operations Manager, BBC



Amanda Ramsahai, Customer Engagement Manager, DFDS



Neil Barman, Chief Growth Officer, Yellow.ai


11.30 Balance The Latest AI & Automation Advances With The Human Touch To Deliver Seamless Yet Meaningful Customer Experience Strategies Across Your Business

  • Seal the deal with AI! What crucial developments within AI and automation can be employed to identify patterns in customer behaviour to power real-time and predictive analytics
  • Strike the right balance by humanising your digital strategies to ensure more meaningful experiences without losing the personal human touch which creates lasting relationships with customers
  • Chatbots, apps, virtual assistants, and voice recognition… what are the most effective tools that fit best with your customer profile?


Daniel House, Senior Customer Engagement & Support Manager, New Look



Sam Ashton, Senior Customer Operations Manager, New Look


11.50 Refresh & Reimagine To Develop Successful Customer Journey Mapping Frameworks Which Captures Attention & Improves End-To-End Experiences

  • From acquisition to purchase point, get to grips with best-practice techniques that engage customers every step of the way
  • Learn from your mistakes by tackling customers’ pain points across their journeys to deliver painless, seamless, and next-level customer experiences
  • Build and implement a voice of the customer mechanism that is guaranteed to enhance customer experiences both online and offline
  • Grapple with the omnichannel momentum to ensure that all customer touchpoints are successfully mapped to provide integrated experiences and seamless journeys
Nicola Harris, Head of Customer Journey Management, Virgin Media 02



12.25 Reposition The Voice Of The Customer At The Centre Of Your Business, Harness Customer Research & Deliver Insight-Driven Customer Experiences

  • Re-energise your complaints culture and maximise customer feedback to really understand customer expectations today and deliver gold-standard customer experiences
  • Explore the latest new tools and technologies which can capture, measure and action VOC, and how to translate these insights and embed them firmly into your CX strategies
  • Leverage and truly listen to your customers at every stage of their journey to accurately build a snapshot of your customer base and match their needs
  • Social listening is vital! Utilise messages and notifications across social media platforms to authentically understand your customer relationships and perceptions of your brand


Lynne Pitwood, Head of Customer Experience, Newcastle Building Society

Natalie Mortimer, Head of Customer Outcomes, Newcastle Building Society

The Human Experience

12.45 How to make life better for customers and create a more successful organisation
John Sills, Managing Partner, The Foundation
13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners
13.30 Peer-To-Peer Discussion
Chris Hood, Sales Manager, Glassbox 
13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Lynne Pitwood, Head of Customer Experience, Newcastle Building Society


14.00 Successfully Navigate The Changing Customer Landscape & Stand Out From Competition With Sky-High Engagement Rates

  • Revamp your customer engagement strategies from acquisition to post-purchase to differentiate from competitors and secure long-term customer loyalty
  • Harness the power of the personal touch! Refresh your strategies to attract and engage existing and new customers for creative, tailored and gratifying experiences
  • What new infrastructure, tools, and technologies are rising to the top to help maximise customer engagement, and how can you make sure you implement them ahead of the curve?


Hannah Claytor-Scott, Head of Experience & Product Development, Parkdean Resorts




14.35 Reignite The Crucial Link Between Happy Employees & Happy Customers! Ingrain Customer-Centricity Within Your Internal Culture To Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences 

  • Customer experience and employee experience – two sides of the same coin: explore innovative strategies to engage and create winning experiences for both parties
  • Your people are your greatest assets, so how can you ensure your employees feel valued, listened to, and supported in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences
  • Position customer-centric initiatives at the centre of your internal teams to create a customer-first mindset surrounding CX and drive commercial success

Claudia Adreani, Director of Customer Excellence, Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd


Suzanne Picciano, Business Excellence Manager, Marketing, Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd

14.55 Cam Wilson, Lead Customer Insights Executive, Huel


15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Develop Insight-Driven & Customer-Centric Loyalty & Retention Programmes Guaranteed To Build Deeper Relationships With Customers & Power Acquisition Rates

  • How can loyalty drive customer engagement? Determine exactly how customers want to be rewarded today, and tune in to ever-changing customer expectations to ensure you retain your consumer base
  • One size doesn’t fill all! Effectively capture and handle data around CX to drive improvements, retain your current customer base, and boost acquisition rates
  • Always leave them wanting more… determine innovative methods of retaining consumer’s post-purchase to uphold customer relationships boost retention

Piers Watson, Head of Customer Experience, NFU Mutual

Emma Headland, Global Ecommerce Specialist, Vodafone

Lara Alexander, Customer Experience Lead, Close Brothers


Dimitri Kyprianou, Managing Director – Go Inspire CX

Mike Williams, CRM Director, Vitality

16.40 Afternoon Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close of The Conference

Nikki Saveker, Head of UX/UI, Holland & Barrett