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28 In-House CX Directors Inspire Exceptional Customer-Centric Internal Cultures In 1 Day

Drive Outstanding, Insight-Led Customer Experiences Which Deliver Results:
Inspire Passionate Customer-Focused Cultures, Leverage Fresh Digital Strategies, Integrate New AI Technology & Effectively Journey-Map Across Multiple Channels With Insight-Led Decision Making Which Delivers Measurable ROI, Meets Soaring Expectations & Truly Embodies The Voice Of The Customer.
A Brand-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 25th February 2020, The Law Society, Central London

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Mark Billingham, Group Customer Operations Director, Shop Direct

James Coburn, Group Head of Customer Experience Strategy, Legal & General


09.20 Ignite Organisation-Wide Passion For Customer Experience With Engaged, Customer-Focused Employees

  • Great customer experience doesn’t happen without great employee experience! Keep your employees happy with innovative strategies to deliver the best experience for both parties
  • Convince employees across departments of the commercial benefits of CX to create and maintain a customer-first mindset centred from within the organisation
  • Leverage customer and employee data for a holistic view of your CX department and strategies to continuously improve both experiences


Christopher Howe, Change Director, BT Consumer


Christina Dolding, Head of Customer Experience, LVFS


Master Next-Level Customer Journey Mapping With Both Best-Practice Advice & Innovative Strategies To Continually Improve End-To-End Experiences

10.00 The Essentials

  • Get to grips with your journey mapping with best-practice techniques to engage the customer every step of the way
  • Effectively blend your journeys across online and offline for seamless transitions across all contact channel

Ifah Sivak, Head of CX Online Strategy, Dropbox

10.20 Advanced Customer Journeys

  • Innovative mapping ideas to take your customer journeys to the next level whilst preparing for the inevitable challenges when implementing new experiences
  • Balance the shift to omnichannel: ensure you are mapping across all the customer touchpoints for integrated experiences and journeys across multiple channels

Nicola Harris, Head of Customer Experience Programmes, O2 (Telefónica UK)

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

BONUS SESSION: Ensuring CX Success Within The Feedback Economy

11.10 Bonus Session From Our Conference Partner; Ensuring CX Success Within The Feedback Economy

  • How to listen to your customers in the new Feedback Economy and go beyond NPS
  • How to take actions efficiently based on omnichannel customer feedback
  • How to ensure that your brand and individual customer touch-points can rank higher in local search and be found more easily online
  • Why having a complete view of the comments and feedback your customers provide online is crucial to business success in the Feedback Economy

Bruce McKay, Director of Solution Engineering EMEA,


11.25 Proactively Collect & Analyse Data For Actionable Insights That Deliver Customer-Driven Experiences

  • Not all data is good data! Collect accurate insights into audience demographics, behaviours and purchasing drivers to really understand your customer base
  • Connect silos of information and drive insight through data – not just from NPS!
  • Tap into customer demographics to create personas, journeys and experiences that suit their wants and needs

Susanne Kennedy, Senior Customer Experience Manager, TUI


11.45 Leveraging The Contact Centre As A Source Of Value-Adding Insight

  • How the millions of conversations taking place in your contact centre can be turned into insights to improve customer propositions
  • Engaging stakeholders to ensure customer feedback is reviewed at the right level and acted upon
  • Closing the loop with dissatisfied customers through pro-active outreach

Claire Carroll, Head of Sales & Service, Co-op


12.05 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Jez Groom, Behavioural Economist, Cowry Consulting


12.20 Get To Know Your Customer Behind The Data With New Satisfaction Measurement Strategies That Capture The Customer Voice To Inform Business Decisions

  • Is NPS really the right measure of customer experience? What other options are there that suit your business needs and capture the right feedback?
  • Complaints, compliments, suggestions: with so many voices and opinions, prove you care by demonstrating you are listening to every interaction
  • Harness feedback from the most effective survey methods for satisfaction, loyalty and retention decisions that fully reflect the voice of the customer

Vinay Parmar, UK Customer & Digital Experience Director, National Express Ltd

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Complaints Resolution

Claire Charlton, Head of Customer & Conduct, Admiral Group Plc

B) CX Emotions Management Framework 

Patricia Sanchez-Diaz, Customer Experience Lead, Senior Manager, Centrica

C) Personalisation

D) Retention & Loyalty

E) Culture Change

F) Managing Social Media

G) B2B Customer Experiences

H) 5 Steps To Creating The Future Of Customer Experience

Customers are losing their trust in brands which leads to a massive reduction of loyalty. How can we overcome the 2030 paradox? Come and discuss with your peers and experts how we can bring more “empathy” into the customer engagement and give the customer a consistent and meaningful experience to futureproof your business.

Manuel Tonz, Head of Customer Intelligence SAS Switzerland, SAS Software Ltd.

13.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

James Scutt, Head of Customer Experience, Post Office Ltd

Rebecca Hanson, Head of Customer Experience,
M&S Bank


Customer Experience 2030 – A Look Into The Crystal Ball

The changing customer expectation towards the experience brands provide is obviously changing. SAS went the extra mile to conduct a global survey in order to undermine the “gut feeling” with empirical data. Find out more about the 2030 paradox and how brands can prepare themselves for the paradigm change in digital trust and loyalty.

Manuel Tonz, Head of Customer Intelligence SAS Switzerland, SAS Software Ltd


13.50 Tap Into The Latest Consumer Trends, Expectations & Behaviours For Memorable & Meaningful Experiences That Meet Rising Wants & Needs 

  • Stay one step ahead of the customer by understanding and realistically delivering what tomorrow’s customers want – today!
  • With the current social and economic climate, how are others keeping up with changing demands and responsibilities to create a positive brand reputation?
  • Personalisation, plastic-free, social media: effectively leverage the latest trends for ultimate customer engagement both online and offline

Nicola Langley, Customer Experience Manager, Volvo Car UK

Ula Robinson, Consumer Experience Manager UK&I, Philips

James Elliott, Head of Operational Excellence, Bupa Global

Richard McCarthy, Head of Customer Service & Experience, Charities Aid Foundation

Julia Beresford, Head of Customer Services, Digital & Technology, Ministry of Justice

Sandra Fazackerley, Director of Customer Experience, Formerly O2 (Telefónica UK)

Lynzi Harrison, Customer Experience Director, LVFS


14.20 Prove The ROI & Bottom-Line Impact Of Excellent Customer Experience For Continued Leadership Backing

  • Gain leadership buy-in with the right measurement techniques to prove the true value of great customer and brand experience
  • Effectively measure return on marketing effectiveness to drive audience engagement
  • Act on feedback, data and insight to build a true picture of your customer experience and its genuine impact across the business

Catherine Blizzard, Director of Marketing & Audiences, BBC World Service


14.40 Seeing The World From The Outside-In

  • What a NASA photo can teach us about our in-built biases
  • How to change our perspectives and understand what really matters to customers
  • How to get people to accept inconvenient truths and believe that change is needed
  • And what we can learn from customer experience in the 1960s

John Sills, Partner and Managing Director, The Foundation


15.10 Realistically Harness The Latest Technology & AI Advances To Improve Your Customer Experience Strategy & Future Operations

  • Create meaningful change by implementing the right technology: what are the newest tools and tech available and how can you practically integrate them into existing operations?
  • Personalise new AI tools across social media, chatbots and voice tech to ensure you don’t lose the human touch when automating processes
  • How does AI actually affect customer experience? Prove its impact on the bottom line for leadership buy-in

Nadia Ness, Head of Migration & Customer Readiness, Three.

Kirsty Macdonald, Head of Customer Experience, Bloom & Wild

James Brindley-Raynes, Global Product Manager Staff Digitisation, HSBC

Brad Young, Head of Customer Service Experience, Jaguar Land Rover

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Bonus Session Reserved For Our Exclusive Conference Partner

Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO, Content Guru


16.10 Jump On The Channel Shift To Digital Whilst Retaining The All-Important Personal Touch For Exceptional Digital Journeys

  • Innovate your digital strategy whilst balancing the need for human interaction for seamless transitions from offline to online
  • Manage the shift away from traditional channels and track digital customers online to reap the benefits these newer channels bring
  • How can you bring customers on board with your future digital journey without shoehorning them into a channel migration they don’t want?

Pete Evia-Rhodes, Director of Customer Value, The Times & The Sunday Times


16.30 How have Sky Betting & Gaming implemented a new chatbot in a 200 seat Customer Experience Centre? From business case to integration, hear the impact of the chatbot on advisor experience, customer experience and average handle time, and, of course, their lessons learnt!

Sarah Simpson, Customer Experience Director, Sky Betting & Gaming


16.50 Effectively Join Multiple Touchpoints Together With Holistic Channel Strategies To Create Seamless Experiences Across All Customer Journeys 

  • Create a holistic service with consistent messages across contact channels for increased customer engagement in all interactions
  • Don’t lose sight of face-to-face! With various demographics of customer still valuing the personal touch, how can you balance different channels for the optimum multi-channel mix?
  • Tap into multiple channels across contact centres, social media and in-store to build a holistic view of your CX - and seek opportunities to improve it

Emilie Mouquot, Customer & Growth Director,


17.10 Consistently Hit Customers’ Needs & Expectations With Accessible, Insight-Driven Service Design

  • Not one size fits all! How to deliver great experiences for different customer types within the same store
  • Ensure your design caters to everyone: understand what is really needed for accessible, inclusive customer service and experience
  • How to use design thinking methodologies to deliver great customer experiences for all

Claire O'Grady, Customer Experience Designer, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland

17.30 Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference