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Our Partners


Cowry Consulting is one the world's leading Behavioural Science consultancies and we're on a mission to make businesses as human as humanly possible.

We specialise in the financial services, retail and utilities sectors and use behavioural science to add the human touch to
businesses, transforming the customer and employee experience. With a deep understanding of how we all make decisions and think,
Cowry uses behavioural science to help you create elegant and effective experiences for your customers and employees.

We deliver transformational results for our clients, such as Amazon, HSBC, Standard Life, Fidelity, Legal & General, SSE / OVO, Tesco, Walmart, O2, Sky and others.

To date, we’ve helped them improve their customer service, remodel their communications, optimise their UX and improve their health & safety. After conducting a friction audit of your challenge, our team of Behavioural Designers and Choice Architects translate these into fluent behavioural designs. We use the latest thinking in behavioural science which together we practically apply to your business. We are a team of behavioural economists, psychologists and cognitive scientists with a passion and skill for behaviour change. If you would like to know more, please get in touch for a chat about how we can collaborate.



Motif is a Customer Experience market research and insights agency, specialising in Customer Loyalty. We have been established for 25 years and are the biggest independent UK insights agency. We believe that loyalty is the strongest predictor of how to retain current customers, how to acquire new ones and how to increase their overall spend on your brand. We also conduct lots of work in the wider Customer Experience space, having run the Lloyds Bank CX programme for 17 years now. We work with many well known brands and have both B2B and B2C expertise.

Today, we see a new game afoot and it’s grounded on what defines customer loyalty. Simply put, we believe that defining, identifying and analysing Customer Loyalty is now increasingly central to brand performance. To help our clients understand loyalty more intimately, we use our bespoke Loyalty Framework which is robust enough to decode what loyalty actually means for their businesses. Using our Customer Experience expertise, the Loyalty Framework is designed to single out the triggers that drive loyalty. We then interpret these triggers and turn them into actionable insight so that our clients can immediately start commercialising advocacy across their business footprint. Motif works across a range of industries from financial services to healthcare, technology to utilities, FMCG to brand and communications.