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The Writer

Every word you write can win or lose you customers – from the front page of your website to the back page of your Ts&Cs. We can make them all work harder, with a mix of consultancy, training and writing.
We’re The Writer. We make the complex simple and solve business problems with the power of words.

We’ve been doing it for some of the biggest companies in the world for over 18 years. In that time, we’ve cut bounce rates by 150%, bumped NPS scores by 50 points, trained more than 250,000 people, and saved companies millions.

Come and say hello.

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Cowry Consulting is the leading Behavioural Economics consultancy specialising in the financial services, retail and utilities sectors. We use behavioural science to add the human touch to businesses, transforming customer and employee experience to help you attract, keep and grow customers at a lower unit cost. With a deep understanding of how we all make decisions and think, Cowry uses behavioural science to help you create elegant and effective experiences for your customers and employees.

We deliver transformational results for our clients, such as Amazon, Sky, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morgan Sindall, Aegon, Fidelity and Standard Life. To date, we’ve helped them improve their customer service, remodel their communications, optimise their UX and improve their health & safety.

After conducting a friction audit of your challenge, our team of Behavioural Designers and Choice Architects translate these into fluent behavioural designs. We use the latest thinking in behavioural science which together we practically apply to your business. We are a team of behavioural economists, psychologists and cognitive scientists with a passion and skill for behaviour change. If you’re interested to know more, please get in touch for a chat about how we can collaborate.


Founded in 2003 VoiceSage has offices in the UK, Ireland and the UAE. VoiceSage has deep heritage and experience in delivering transformational interactive customer communications solutions that streamline and add value to high-volume contact activities. Household brands including PayPal, ShopDirect and Capital One, rely on VoiceSage to reduce inbound call volumes, increase appointments and deliveries, reduce debt and enable real-time customer conversations.

VoiceSage cloud-based messaging products and services deliver more than 2 million messages a day. In the UK alone, more than 44 million individual phones have received a VoiceSage message at some time.
As a privately held international communications technology company leading the way in automated customer contact communications, we deploy class leading interactive messaging solutions.