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Bright are customer service experts. We shine the light on improvements needed for you to achieve world class performance.
On average we improve clients’ NPS scores by more than 20% and save millions in their contact centres by improving their effectiveness.
We measure and benchmark Performance, Employee Engagement and Customer Experience!

Bright was founded in 2000. Since then over 1,000 contact centre reviews have been carried out and millions of clients’ customers are surveyed every year. Based on this we know what it takes to become a best in class customer service operation and have perfected our tools to help clients achieve this:

– Performance benchmarking (Bright Index)
– Automatic customer satisfaction measuring (Bright Navigator)
– Employee engagement (Bright Employee Index)

The results form a platform for participants’ target setting and improvement plans. The end goal is to significantly improve our clients’ competitive edge, at the same time as we improve overall customer and staff satisfaction.

Read more about how clients like TUI, Genesis, ShopDirect and many more have benefited from our tools on our case study page.



Content Guru

Content Guru is a multi-award-winning cloud contact centre and customer engagement provider, operating across three core regions – Europe, North America and Asia-Pac. Its cloud communications technology, storm®, is identified by leading analysts of one of the world’s premier contact centre platforms, combining unrivalled scalability, fully-blended, omni-channel contact processing (including email, SMS, voice, WebRTC, Instant Messaging and social media) and integration to hundreds of third-party platforms.

storm enables organisations to deploy always-on omni-channel Customer Engagement Hubs, providing a completely consistent experience across every endpoint. Hundreds of the world’s largest organisations rely on storm for mission-critical services, in sectors from finance through travel to utilities, choosing the platform for its unrivalled scalability, functional depth and integration capabilities. These organisations include G4S, Serco and the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), the fifth-largest employer globally.




Kofax is a leading provider of solutions for digitising organisations. Our smart process applications simplify business, especially information intensive customer interactions. We combine market-leading capture, process management, data integration, robotics, mobile, e-signature, analytics and customer communications to deliver world-class responsiveness to customers.

Common processes like new accounts, claims, patient admissions, mortgage applications, citizen benefits, accounts payable and more can be automated, streamlined and accelerated for better customer engagement. More than 20,000 customers globally rely on Kofax software to improve the customer experience, reduce operating costs, differentiate and grow.

For more information visit kofax.com



Lithium delivers brilliant digital customer experiences at scale for the world’s biggest brands including Airbnb, AT&T, Sephora and Spotify.

Comprising Social Media Management and Communities, the Lithium engagement platform enables brands to manage multiple digital touchpoints, facilitate millions of conversations, and drive smarter decisions through data – connecting customers, content and conversations at the right digital moment.

Lithium has a massive digital footprint with approximately 480 million new digital interactions analysed daily, 100 million monthly visitors across its Online Communities, and 850 million online profiles scored through Klout.

Learn more at www.lithium.com, join our community at community.lithium.com, or follow us on Twitter @LithiumTech.



The OpenText Experience Suite offers a set of applications and add-on products that focus on delivering a personalised content and engaging interactions along a continuous customer journey. It is uniquely designed as an integrated set of customer satisfaction and better customer engagement.

Marketers and customer contact centre leaders alike can benefit from integrated capabilities including:

• Customer Communications Management
• Digital Asset Management
• Workforce Optimisation
• Web Content Management

The Experience Suite Platform has an extensive set of add-ons that range from Marketing Optimisation to understanding the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to intelligent Forms Automation.

OpenText Experience Suite 16 is available on-premises and in the cloud to enable better creation, management and publication of secure, personalised and authenticated digital experiences to ensure that each user gets the best experience at every point of interaction – whether physical or digital on any device – and in every phase of the life cycle. Experience Suite maximises the Customer Lifetime Value and delivers a better way to work; addressing better engagement, insight and innovation across customers, partners and employees, while improving digital operations and control associated with managing information across the enterprise.

For more information visit www.opentext.com or send an email to kweather@opentext.com



Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to write better subject lines, body copy and CTAs than humans.

Question: Out of trillions of ways to write a subject line, what are the odds your gut instinct gets it right?

Answer: Pretty much nil. And you’re probably losing sales as a result.

Phrasee takes gut instinct out of the equation. Instead, it uses AI to generate and optimise your subject lines, body copy and calls-to-actions… and make you more money.

You get more opens, more clicks, and more revenue while Phrasee does the heavy lifting for you.

What makes Phrasee so awesome?

·Your brand’s voice. Your brand isn’t generic… so why should your marketing language be? We write language algorithms tailored to your brand’s voice, and no one else’s.

·Human sounding. Forget spammy open-bait tactics. Phrasee’s natural language generation tech ensures your copy sounds like a human wrote it. Only better.

·ESP agnostic. No matter what ESP you use, Phrasee will work for you… and it only takes 5 minutes per campaign. And that ain’t no joke.

·Make more money. Using powerful machine optimisation algorithms, Phrasee learns what makes your audience tick…. and makes you more money.

Artificial intelligence. Human language. Awesome.




Tangent is an independent digital customer experience studio, based in London and Newcastle. With clients spanning from beauty and fashion to construction and hospitality, many of the UK’s most innovative organisations choose Tangent to help navigate the digital landscape and better serve their customers.

A multi-disciplined team of project managers, strategists, designers and developers, Tangent partners with clients to provide core services including Customer Journey Insight & Strategy, Digital Product Design & Development and Data Intelligence & Optimisation, offering an end-to-end solution for businesses looking to improve their overall customer experience.




Trusona is on a mission to remove passwords from the customer journey. Not only insecure, passwords significantly degrade your customer experience, conversion rates, retention and adoption of your digital channels and products while also incurring back office administration costs. Trusona replaces passwords and other ‘static’ credentials with a touch on a smartphone. We enable your customers frictionless access across any channel, including your websites, apps, call centers and chat services without them ever needing to remember or type a single letter, digit or special character. Join the #NoPasswords revolution. Your customers will love you. And your CEO will too.

For more information visit: trusona.com

We Are Friday

Founded in 2009 and based in Farringdon, Friday is an ambitious agency that plans, designs and builds beautifully useful digital services – core business-critical services that their clients’ customers log into (to make a payment, manage their supply chain or treasury, book an appointment, view their x-ray, etc).

This puts Friday at the heart of its clients’ digital transformation programmes:

* Defining their Target Customer Experience
* Designing the digital services their customer’s use
* Building the systems and platforms that drive those services
* Helping clients adopt modern, natively-digital ways of working, to “do digital better”

Friday is a modern digital practice with a methodology that blends two disciplines:

* Service Design – providing customer-centric strategy and design for service experiences
* Modern Engineering – building and integrating robust services using modern tools and methods

Friday delivers business-critical commercial projects as large programmes work. They work in agile, iterative and transparent ways, using highly visual and engaging collaborative techniques. They mix planning-and-thinking with designing-and-building. This helps cut away the clutter to get to what’s really important – why people will use the thing they’re making, and why it will be successful.

They love to ship working product (bits of real internet) fast and frequently.

Friday’s clients include the likes of HSBC, Nuffield Health, British Red Cross, RCLST and Aetna International.