A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 19 September 2023

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, 1 America Square, London, 9th May 2023

Skyrocket Customer Interaction & Engagement With Fresh Digital & Personalised Customer Journey Innovations:

Exceptional, Insight-Led Customer Experience Strategies Which Drive Commercial Success & Lasting Results

Customer Expectations • Digital Innovation • Next-Level Personalisation • Automation & Technology • Customer Journeys • The Voice Of The Customer • Customer Engagement • Internal Customer-Centric Cultures • Loyalty, Retention & Acquisition • Data, Insights & Measurement

35 Speakers, 1 Insight-Led Day


Conquer Rapidly Evolving Customer Expectations & Behaviours:

Tap into changing customer trends and expectations to consistently deliver meaningful experiences


Brand New, Digital Innovations To Guarantee Success:

Leverage the latest digital tools to deliver rich, personalised and immersive customer experiences


Power Next-Level Personalisation:

Maximise interactivity and boost engagement with pioneering, proactive and data-led personalisation strategies


AI & Automation Vs. The Human Touch:

Unlock new opportunities within AI and automation whilst retaining the vital human interaction for seamless and meaningful CX


Conversion-Boosting Customer Journey Mapping:

Refresh and revamp to craft seamless customer journeys across all touchpoints for outstanding end-to-end customer experience


Maximise The Voice Of Your Customer!

Tune into business-critical customer feedback, measure online interaction, and action customer insights for insight-driven strategies


Secure Sky-High Customer Engagement:

Navigate changing expectations and transform your strategies to stand to from competitive and drive high-impact engagement


Inspire Fresh & Collaborative Customer-Centric Cultures Internally:

Ingrain customer-centricity internally to deliver outstanding experiences for all and drive commercial success


Gold-Standard Loyalty, Retention & Acquisition Strategies:

Implement trend-driven loyalty initiatives certain to grow consumer-brand relationships and secure customer retention


Mission-Critical Data, Insights & Measurement:

Capitalise on translating data into actionable insights to prove ROI with the latest metrics and measurement techniques


• 8 Years Of Inspiring Insights & Innovations For Brand-Side CX Professionals

 • Brand New Speaker Line-Up Featuring: Tesco, HSBC, Vodafone, Virgin Media & Many More! 

• 3 Interactive Panels: Next-Level Personalisation Loyalty, Retention & Acquisition Customer Expectations

• 4 Informal Discussions!

Don't just take our word for it....Why you should attend this Customer Experience Conference - Engaging Journeys, Real Results

Can You Help Brands Build & Grow With Winning Customer Journeys & Experiences?

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