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Get Inspired By 28 Customer Experience Innovators As They Reveal Their Advanced Strategies For Exceptional, Insight-Led Customer Experiences Which Deliver Results

Inspire Internal Customer-Orientated Cultures, Apply The Latest Tech & AI In Practice, Conquer Soaring Customer Expectations At Every Point Of The Omni-Channel Journey, Leverage Savvy Digital, Social & Data Strategies, Harness The Customer Voice & Prove ROI: Exceptional, Insight-Led Customer Experiences Which Deliver Results

A One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 26th February 2019, One Great George Street, Central London | Download the agenda here >>

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Morning Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome & Interactive Voting Introduction

To Participate In Live Polls & Q&A:

  • On your smartphone or tablet, visit
  • When asked for a Session ID, enter the word global

09:10 Morning Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Colin Rattigan | Marketing Director Europe | Lands’ End

Internal Customer-Centric Cultures

09.15 Bring The Age-Old Saying ‘Happy Employees, Happy Customers’ To Life! Ensure Your Organisation Is Truly Customer-Centric & Drive A Passion For Customer Experience Throughout

  • Drill home the commercial value of satisfied customers for increased conversion rates to secure organisation-wide buy-in
  • Discover what genuine customer-centricity looks like to enable your company to put the customer at the heart of everything
  • Successfully play the voice of the customer back to the business to activate change through feedback and drive active, passionate customer experience strategies
  • Inspire employees to become organisation advocates with innovative engagement strategies which motivate them to deliver exceptional experiences

Vicky Drummond | Director of Online Customer Experience - Academic | Cambridge University Press

Andrew Sykes | Customer First Programme Director | Cambridge University Press

09.35 Say Goodbye To Mediocrity & Hello To Excellence; Keep Up With & Manage Customers’ Rising Expectations For Experiences That Wow Every Time

Customer Journey Mapping - Two Streams

09.55 A) The Essentials

Master The Essentials For Mapping Customer Journeys: Best-Practice Techniques For Mapping End-To-End Experiences

Customer journey mapping is the bread and butter of great customer experience, so how can you ensure you are doing it outstandingly from start to end?

Nora Law | Head of Customer Experience | Nuffield Health

10.15 B) Advanced

Take Customer Journey Mapping To The Next-Level: Gain Control Of Excellent Experiences By Acquiring A Deeper Understanding Of Consumer Journeys & Driving Improvements

Bring journey mapping to life! Implement the hard work you’ve done to bring about real change and influence journeys for greater conversions

Marion Humeau | Corporate Head of Customer Journey & Digital Innovation | Groupe Renault

10.35 Hear How We Help Our Clients Make Their Writing More Efficient & Empathetic In Order To Reduce Customer Effort & Drop-Out Rates, Boost NPS & Build Deeper Relationships & Loyalty

Emma Keens, Senior consultant, The Writer

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

New Technology & AI - Panel

11:20 Introduction From The Panel Host

Marcin Szymanski, CEO, XMReality

11.25 Fresh, Practical Technology & AI Applications Which Don’t Lose The Human Touch & Increase Conversion Rates Whilst Meeting Growing Consumer Expectations

  • Harness AI in clever ways and avoid the gimmicks to generate sales and increase conversion rates
  • What new technology is available for communicating with customers and developing superb experiences?
  • Discover what customers really think about tech and AI, are you meeting expectations at every touchpoint?
  • Avoid getting lost in the buzz of robotics and the latest flashy tech to deliver genuine, empathetic ‘human’ experiences

Greg Jenkins | Head of Digital Experience Products & Services | Three

Clare Willets | Brand Director & Head of Customer Experience | Virgin

Dawn Hemingway | Associate Head - Data Strategy | NSPCC

Tiffany Carpenter | UKI Head of Customer Intelligence Solutions | SAS Software

Tal Pelta | Enterprise Sales Executive EMEA | Bold360 by LogMeIn

11.45 Bonus Case Study 

Mitchell Kirkham-Cooper | Associate Director, Business Development, EMEA | Siegel+Gale

Activate Customer Insight Through Data

12:00 Expertly Harness Your Data To Deliver Exceptional Experiences & Gain Real, Actionable Insights Which Drive Business Improvements

  • Top methods to harness data for actual evidence about consumer trends and purchasing decisions
  • Drive customer experience and business improvements by activating real insights drawn out from your data
  • Harness the best tools and software to handle big data and gain useful insight

Peter Mooney | Customer Insight Manager | Holiday Extras Ltd

Anneka Brazier | Customer Insight Analyst | Holiday Extras Ltd

12.20 Morning Round-Up & Lunchtime Notices

12.25 Lunch & Informal Networking for Speakers, Partners & Delegates

12.55 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussion Zones

A) The Human Touch

Nicola Langley | Customer Experience Manager | Volvo Car UK Limited

B) Employee Engagement

Lindsay Mitchell | Consumer Engagement Director Personal Health | Philips UKI

C) User-Centricity

Chris Delaney | User Experience Lead | The Met Office

D) Loyalty & Retention

Rob Chandler | Head of Loyalty | Sky

E) Customer Segmentation

F) The Impact of Customer Choice on CX

Ross Irvine | Senior Product, Customer Experience & Commercials Manager Business Lending (VP) | Barclays UK

G) Customer Experience That Delivers Results

Charlotte Buckley | CX Manager | Musgrave


Tiffany Carpenter | UKI Head of Customer Intelligence Solutions | SAS Software

13.25 Afternoon Chair's Opening Remarks

Anthony Scammell, Strategic Service Development Director, Quilter

Measurable Customer Voice

13.40 Gather, Evaluate & Act On Valuable Feedback Using Best-Practice Techniques & Models For Measuring & Benchmarking Satisfaction Rates To Translate Into Your Strategies

  • Gain insightful, valuable feedback with excellent response rates without bombarding customers with the same old surveys
  • Don’t say you care, prove it! Action feedback to demonstrate to customers that their voice is valued
  • Measure satisfaction accurately with best-practice techniques and benchmarks to gauge how successful your CX strategies are against the competition

Lisa Campbell | Head of Guest Experience | Las Iguanas

14:00 Bonus Case Study

Abdul Mullick, Head of Digital Transformation, Sky

Commercial Value

14.15 Prove The Worth & Commercial Value Of Excellent CX To Your Company By Harnessing Real Data & Analysis

  • Tried-and-tested measurements and metrics to prove the ROI and commercial value of customer satisfaction to secure senior buy-in
  • Harness NPS and CSAT scores to illustrate the correlation between happy customers and ROI
  • Don’t forget the fundamentals: go back to the basics to drive real business improvement and increased ROI

Tony Crane | Director Customer Experience | Bank of Ireland

14.35 Delivering The Human Touch In CX Transformation Using Behavioural Science: How Can Behavioural Economics Help You Create Elegant & Effective CX?

  • All humans, including your customers, have behavioural biases and mental shortcuts
  • Learn about how these learnings from Behavioural Economics have been applied in real-world businesses to improve customer and employee experience
  • After hearing about pinks walls to improve safety on construction sites, to doubling first contact fix rates in the Probation Service, to delivering ROIs of £37:1 in some of the largest pension companies in the UK, you’ll leave feeling inspired to try out ‘nudging’ to improve your CX

Jez Groom | Chief Choice Architect | Cowry Consulting

14.50 Afternoon Drinks Reception With Informal Networking

15.20 Sky to announce the competition winner!

Service Design

15.25 John Lewis Case Study

Discover what service design really means and where it fits in your organisation by harnessing design thinking, agile and lean methodologies. A case study by John Lewis illustrating the skillsets needed to execute service design effectively and improve employee engagement for customer experience

Steve Kato-Spyrou | UX Manager | John Lewis

Social Media

15.45 Embrace The Power Of Social Media! Harness Social Platforms To Ensure You Are Engaging Customers & Responding Proactively

  • Overcome the social media fear: best-practice advice to deal with negativity and complaints, avoid bad press and take advantage of positive comments
  • Harness social media potential; what can you do differently to engage and attract customers?
  • In the always-on-digital era, discover how best you can harness social media to cope with expectations of 24/7 availability and quick response rates

Chantelle Collins | Head of Consumer Engagement | Britvic


Transforming Customer Service From A Dusty Catalogue Business To A Modern Online Retail Giant

We will showcase the journey which took us to Gold at the European contact centre awards by turning an out of date customer service function into a modern digital customer focused organisation, reducing contact by 50% over 3 years, accelerating digital technology through AI and webchat and creating industry leading customer outcomes.

Mark Billingham, Financial Services Board Member & Group Customer Operations Director, Shop Direct

Digital Experiences

16.20 Where Is Digital Going? Exploit The New Opportunities Digital Will Bring & Skilfully Encourage Customers To Channel Shift Online While Retaining Your Personal, Human Touch

  • How can you successfully encourage your customers to adopt digital channels and capitalise on the benefits?
  • Build the human touch into your digital strategies to ensure your customers still feel valued
  • A look into the future: what’s on the horizon for digital? What should we look at adopting into strategies now?

Emer Liston | Head of Customer Experience | Paddy Power Betfair

Holistic Channel Strategies

16.40 Increase Customer Engagement With Consistent, Seamless Experiences Across All Channels & Touchpoints

17:00 Co-Chair's Closing Remarks

17:10 Official Close Of Conference

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