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The Customer Experience Conference – Engaging Journeys, Real Results Programme

Exceptional, Insight-Led Journeys & Customer Experiences Which Deliver: Map End-To-End Customer Journeys, Analyse Consumer Data, Measure Feedback & ROI, Leverage Cutting-Edge Digital, Social & Technology Innovations & Drive Customer-Focused Cultures For Outstanding, Consistent Multi-Channel Strategies
A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 27th February 2018, Millennium Mayfair, London

08:30 Registration, Coffee & Objective Setting

09:00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Gemma Passant
Head of Customer Experience



09:15 Mapping End-To-End Customer Journeys To Develop Exceptional Customer Experiences & Maximise Conversion Rates

  • Best-practice models and methods of understanding and mapping end-to-end journeys to produce consistent, high-impact customer experiences across all touchpoints
  • Get in tune with your customers and boost your journey design for ultimate consumer ease both online and offline
  • Assess where the critical pain points lie and explore no-fuss methods of applying that all-important insight to perfect your customer journey
  • Optimise your landing page to entice consumers and drive increased customer engagement, click-through and conversions

09:15 Perspective One
Catherine Lindsay
Head of Customer Service & Customer Experience

Global-Conference--- catherine lindsay

09:35 Perspective Two
Patricia Kane
Director of Customer Experience
Paddy Power Betfair

Paddy Power


09:55 Gain In-Depth Customer Insight With Optimised Data & Analytics For High-Impact Customer Experiences

  • Collate, analyse and leverage data across channels to gain a 360 degree view of your customer and drive frictionless customer journeys
  • What factors are influencing customer buying habits and behaviours? Drive customer insight by analysing customer feedback and trends
  • Data analysis doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming; uncover innovations in data strategy and translate reams of data into valuable insight
  • How will we overcome the hurdles of upcoming legislation changes in collecting, storing and exploiting customer data

09:55 Perspective One
Jan Richards
Head of Insights & Planning
Dublin Airport

Dublin Airp

10:15 Perspective Two
Lewis Wooding
Digital Engagement Manager
Department of Health

Global-Conference--- lewis wooding


10:35 Innovative Methods Of Measuring Customer Experience & Implementing Insights From Customer Feedback To Fulfil Customer Needs & Expectations & Ultimately Boost Satisfaction

  • The consumer perspective; actively listen to the customer voice for a firm grasp of key pain points and areas you need to address to ensure customers keep returning
  • Discover industry-leading metrics, not just NPS scores, to continually measure experience across the customer journey to understand experiences and translate insight back into improved strategies
  • Tackling ‘survey burnout’! Upcoming, innovative methods to obtain and gauge consumer feedback
  • Discover how other companies are handling complaint trends using CRM systems for enhanced customer experience and satisfaction

Jackie Ducker
Group Customer Experience Director
Kier Group


10:55 Morning Refreshments With Informal Networking


11:25 How To Convince Your Board: Prove The Crucial Business Value of Customer Experience & Investigate The Most Efficient & Effective Metrics Of Measuring Bottom-Line Impact

Coventry Building Society will share their insights around demonstrating the business benefit and impact of customer experience to the board to gain further investment and evaluate the various ROI metrics.

Rachel Haworth
Customer Experience Director
Coventry Building Society



11:45 Minimise Drop-Offs & Maximise Retention By Recognising Problematic Pain Points & Leveraging Loyalty Schemes To Make Your Consumers Feel Really Valued

  • Decrease drop-offs and incomplete journeys with top tips to boost customer engagement and journey ease to sky-rocket sales
  • Maintain excellent relations with your customer base from first contact through to after sales care
  • Rival the big players with winning tips and systems to create and manage inspirational reward schemes and loyalty programmes to ensure repeat custom in the long term
  • Efficiently manage highly-regarded, exciting reward schemes through data and CRM systems
  • With the rise of digital and technology, discover the increased possibilities for exciting new retention schemes you can attract customers with



12:05 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. Can you help customer experience professionals to drive exceptional results? For more information on how to get involved please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email partner@thecustomerconference.com.

12:25 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers


A) Social Media Engagement
Grant Baillie
Head of Brand, CRM & Social Media


B) The Personal Touch & Fan Engagement
Sian Jones
Head of Customer Experience
Leeds Rhinos & Yorkshire Carnegie

Leeds Rhino

C) Customer Journeys
Rachel Whitaker
Head of Customer Transformation


D) Customer Insight
Helen Devine
Senior Manager, Customer & Marketing Insight

Asda 2

E) Convince The Board
Keith Fletcher
Head of Customer Journey Change Programme



13:25 Afternoon Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Tony Crane
Customer Experience Director
Bank of Ireland



13:40 Promote Digital Adoption & Exploit The Rewards Of Digitalisation By Fostering Consumer Confidence Online Whilst Exploring What’s Next On The Horizon

  • Build consistently-outstanding, easy-to-use experiences and content across all digital touchpoints
  • Digitalisation doesn’t have to be incredibly costly! Explore the possibilities of digital advancement for your channels and touchpoints without breaking the bank
  • The importance of the human touch in a digital age: combine digital services with human support for holistic, successful customer service
  • What’s next in the digital world of customer experience; with fast paced developments, what can we expect in the next 5-10 years?
  • Transform your digital experiences to boost consumer confidence self-serving online

Liz Citron
Head of Digital Transformation
Ministry of Justice UK

Min of Just


14:00 Drive Consistent, Seamless Multi-Channel Experiences Across All Touchpoints & Devices For Increased Customer Engagement & Returns

  • Build consistent customer experiences across all touchpoints and devices by aligning the look and feel of all your channels for seamless journeys that improve ease and boost sales
  • With self-service rapidly becoming the most cost-efficient and effective model of customer service, how can you harmonise your channels and content to ensure customer confidence outside of the contact centre?
  • Are your customer journeys device-friendly? From mobiles to tablets, connect, enhance and improve ease across all your touchpoints
  • Which are the hottest, most effective channels for the future of customer experience to best serve your customers and increase satisfaction?

Rob Mansfield
Digital & Content Strategy Expert
Age UK



14:20 Leverage The Multi-Dimensional Power Of Social Media As A Tool To Provide Real-Time, Personalised Customer Service & Gain Customer Feedback

  • Harness real-time customer feedback on social media channels in a world where people just don’t have the time to fill in a survey
  • Provide outstanding customer service and care; lessons learnt on resolving queries and complaints in real-time during a period of major rail disruption for positive customer experiences and high satisfaction levels
  • Explore the possibilities of integrating social media into your research and insight strategy for a deeper understanding of your customers

Greg Suligowski
Head of Customer Experience


15:10 Afternoon Refreshments With Informal Networking


15:40 Forward-Thinking Technological Innovations: Explore How AI, Automation & New Technologies Are Exciting, Disrupting & Changing The Landscape Of Customer Experience

  • A look at the upcoming innovations, how can we expect customers to contact us in 5 years’ time and what this means for our channel strategies! Will phone communication be eliminated?
  • Discover the possibilities AI can bring to your business from contact centres to stores through spatial, facial and voice recognition, predictive modelling and system automation
  • Explore the growing popularity of chatbots, webchat and self-service online – don’t get left behind shifting customer expectations
  • Automation and machine learning: smartening and sharpening your processes or losing that vital human touch?
  • What other exciting innovations and technologies are on the horizon that we can take advantage of in customer experience?

Richard Lewis
Head of UX


Stuart Jackson
Head of Digital Customer & User Experience


Estelle Levacher
Head of Customer Experience
Tesco Mobile


Matthew Webster
Senior Customer Experience Manager
Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virigin Airway

Jamie Dormandy
Head of Customer Service



16:20 Excite & Engage Front-Line Staff & Wider Teams Alike With Customer Experience Strategies & Customer-Focused Cultures That Optimise Customer Journeys & Experience

  • Advanced engagement strategies to drive a customer-first mindset across your organisation for dedicated employees that provide exceptional customer experiences
  • Happy frontline staff produce happy customers! Top tips in effective workforce management to ensure customer representatives receive required support even during periods of increased calls
  • Savvy systems for automated operational support; implement self-sustaining, cost-effective systems to support your staff and build a positive internal culture
  • Create increased customer awareness, and seamless transitions between teams at every touchpoint, to ensure all departments add value to the customer experience

Lynsay Collins
Head of Customer Services
Heathrow Express



16:40 Build Winning, Insight-Led Customer Service Designs That Optimise Customer Experiences & Promote An Exceptional Brand Image

  • Best-practice advice to effectively implement outstanding, new look customer service designs which optimise speed and ease for the customer
  • Utilise insights from your customer journey to design and create winning customer services
  • Explore customer complaint trends and handling strategies to achieve a consistently-outstanding customer service design across all channels

Richard Shenton
Head of Customer Experience & Continuous Improvement
Virgin Media Business

Virgin Media

17:00 Official Close Of Conference & Chair's Closing Remarks

If you are interested in getting involved, please email info@thecustomerconference.com or call +44 (0)20 3479 2299. Please visit www.globalinsightconferences.com to see our full list of conferences.