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Book Now & Save £50! Insight-Led Customer Experiences Which Reconnect & Resonate With Consumers For Winning Results

Craft Outstanding Customer-Focused Strategies Which Evolve With Changing Customer Expectations & Insights: Optimise Digital Tools & Technology, Re-Engineer Automated Processes, Engage Internal Teams, Power Omnichannel Journeys In A Hybrid World & Improve Loyalty & ROI For Cutting-Edge Customer Experiences Distinctive To Your Brand.
A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 23rd February 2022, Central London.

Insight-Led Customer Experiences Which Reconnect & Resonate With Consumers For Winning Results: Craft Outstanding Customer-Focussed Strategies Which Evolve With Changing Customer Expectations & Insights, Optimise Digital Tools & Technology, Re-Engineer Automated Processes, Engage Internal Teams, Power Omnichannel Journeys In A Hybrid World & Continuously Improve Loyalty & ROI For Cutting-Edge Customer Experiences Distinctive To Your Brand

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 23rd February 2022, Central London. Follow Us @CXConf

27 Cross-Sector Customer Professionals Share Fresh Insights For Customer Strategies Which Reflect Customer Expectations, Innovate Digital & Tech, Drive Customer-Centric Cultures, Develop Multi-Channel Journeys, Leverage Metrics & Analytics For Meaningful Customer Experiences That Drive Commercial Success

  1. New Customer Expectations & Behaviours: Deliver extraordinary experiences which reflect today’s customers post-pandemic
  2. Reimagined Digital Experiences: Power AI, tools and technology for personalised online experiences which compliment your brand
  3. Inspire Collaborative Customer-Centric Cultures Internally: Power the employee experience for improved mindsets which position CX at the centre of strategy
  4. Re-Engineer Automation & Technology: Embrace new opportunities through tech tools and apps without losing the human touch
  5. Blended Customer Journeys & Working In A Hybrid World: Effective methods for seamless transitions across online and offline contact channels and hybrid working
  6. Integrate Journeys Across Multiple Channels: Craft a smooth blend of multiple channels to use across every consumer touchpoint for perfect omnichannel journeys
  7. Actionable Customer Insights: Harness customer research analytics and data to design outstanding customer programmes which reflect the voice of the customer
  8. Demonstrate Commercial Value & ROI: Monitor and monetise the strategic value of CX through savvy measurement for long-term buy-in into your customer strategies
  9. Thrive In Adversity With Flexible CX Strategies: Practical advice to mitigate risk and future-proof CX strategies which can adapt in uncertain times
  10. Retain & Build Your Customer Base: Bring consumer confidence back with innovative customer journeys for high retention rates and repeat business

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PLUS! What's New At The 7th Annual Customer Experience Conference?

  • 7 Years Of Inspiration & Innovation - New Case Studies & Innovations!
  • 3 Interactive Panels: 1) Customer Behaviours & Expectations 2) Employee Buy-In & Changing Cultures 3) Omnichannel Success
  • 97% Average Satisfaction
  • 80% Brand-Side Audience Year On Year
  • 6 Informal Peer Discussions
    A) Covid Lessons Learned B) B2B vs B2C Customer Experience C) Employee & Customer Experience D) Diversity & Inclusion E) Multichannel Complaint Handling F) CX On A Budget

You'll be in safe hands. Here's what previous attendees of our Customer Experience Conferences have to say:

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1 Inspiring Day. CX Directors From Industry-Leading Brands Address Your Toughest Challenges: Changing Customer Behaviours & Expectations ✓ Digital Innovation ✓ Efficient Technology & Automation ✓ Metrics & Measurement ✓ Blended Customer Journey ✓ Customer-Centric Internal Cultures ✓ Omnichannel Success ✓ Actionable Customer Insights ✓ Future CX ✓ Loyalty & Retention ✓ Commercialisation & ROI

Please see the agenda outline below or click here to view the full conference programme >>.

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Dr. Christian Velten, Global Head Medical Customer Experience, Roche


Inés Maíz Sevilla, EU Assoc. Director Digital Customer Solutions, Strategy, Coca Cola Europacific Partners


09.10 What Do Today’s Customers Expect Post-Pandemic? Navigate New Customer Behaviours In A New World To Deliver Extraordinary Experiences

  • What new buying patterns are shaping purchase decisions and how can you harness these trends to deliver customer-centric strategies which target your audience?
  • Will online shopping continue to dominate the market? How can you ensure your customer strategies are right for your customer base?
  • How do you ensure your customer engagement strategies are inclusive and accessible for all?

Donna Walker, Customer Experience Director, Aviva


Jamie Dormandy, Head of Customer Engagement & Experience, RNIB


Laura Welch, Digital Delivery Performance Leader In Customer Self Service, Home Group


Susan Connolly, Sales & Marketing Director, Connolly Spar


Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director, Ciaté London; Lottie London; Skin Proud


Milon Harman, Head of Product Design & UX, Tes


Manuela Pifani, Senior Director of Customer Experience, ASDA


Andrew Lawson, Head of HR, Shakespeare's Globe


09.40 Power The Convergence Of AI, Collaboration & Digital Tools For Technology That Compliments Your Brand, Improves CX & Boosts Engagement

  • Understand what today’s customer expects from online for a dedicated, personalised online experience
  • Unlock new digital opportunities to design richer, more immersive and personalised customer experiences
  • Which robust digital engagement strategies encourage positive engagement for meaningful, long-term relationships?

Ilko Batakliev, Global Head of Experience Design, HSBC


10.00 Reimagine Digital With Customer-Focused Programmes Which Engage Employees & Excite Consumers

  • Get to grips with digital strategies that have a positive impact on both internal and external culture
  • Design digital programmes which are inclusive to customers and encourage internal networking
  • Practical tips to overcome unexpected challenges when implementing digital strategies

Becky Franks, Head of UX & Optimisation, The Co-operative Bank plc


Sophie Palmer, Scrum Master, The Co-operative Bank plc


The Science Behind Exceptional Experiences

10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Ziba Goddard, Chief Consulting Officer, Cowry Consulting


Raphy March, Chief Design Officer, Cowry Consulting


10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.20 AI & Machine Learning Can Identify Patterns In Customer Behaviours To Power Real-Time & Predictive Analytics, But How Can You Humanise Digital To Deliver More Meaningful CX?

  • What have customers come to expect from navigating businesses online, and how will this shape automation strategies?
  • Determine how to automate operations without losing the personal touch that distinguishes your brand and create lasting relationships with customers
  • Create a digital strategy that prioritises UX across all platforms and captures customer feedback to continuously improve CX
  • Develop a blueprint to use technology to elevate human connection with your customers and make complaint handling low stress

Speaker To Be Announced


11.40 Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Your Customers With Bespoke Measurement Programmes

  • Close the gap between expectations set by your brand and the customer’s perceptions
  • Understand and measure your customer’s experiences throughout their journey, across each touchpoint to deliver exceptional CX
  • Uncover what impacts customer feedback for where you should be focussing your efforts for change
  • Maximise KPI’s to ensure everyone in your business knows what is expected of them in your organisations’ journey towards customer-centricity

Mark Tofte, Product Manager, Sales Finance & Durables, Santander Consumer Bank


12.00 In The Light Of The Covid Era, The Customer Journey Needs Refreshing - What Are The Impacts On Different Ways Of Working?

  • How are brands using customer insights to reshape end-to-end customer experiences and differentiate customer journeys amongst competitors?
  • Pivots to integrate offline and online journeys for seamless transitions across contact channels
  • Customer service in a hybrid world – what does that mean in terms of CX delivery?
  • Innovative mapping ideas to take your customer journeys to the next level whilst preparing for the inevitable challenges when implementing new experiences

Perspective One: Sharon Millard, Head of Contact Center Operations, Halfords



Perspective Two: Lisa Fraser, Executive Director (VP), UX Research, Goldman Sachs


12.20 Tap Into The Critical Link Between Employee Engagement & CX For Customer-Centric Internal Cultures That Drive Commercial Success

  • Customer-centric initiatives must be encouraged within the internal team to ensure a higher level of customer centricity!
  • Gain buy-in from the leadership to the sales floor for strategic and consistent execution of CX
  • Equip, prepare and support staff when managing complaints using new technologies to redeem customers and deliver successful customer experiences
  • Review the hybrid workspace to encourage experiences which consider the health and wellbeing of both employees and your customers
  • How have brands maintained their customer culture in a hybrid working world and involved customers in that journey to power customer loyalty?

Nicola Harris, Head of Customer Journey Management, Virgin Media O2


Amy Brettell, Head of Customer, UK Claims, Zurich Insurance


Charlotte Buckley, CX Manager, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland


Andrew Clayton, Former Global Head of Customer Experience, E.ON



Jonathan Brady, Senior Interaction Designer, Virgin Media O2


Laurent Christoph, Design Strategist, Lloyd’s Banking Group


12.50 Lunch For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.20 Informal Peer-To-Peer Breakout Discussions

A) Covid Lessons Learned

B) B2B vs. B2C Customer Experience

Inés Maíz Sevilla, EU Assoc. Director Digital Customer Solutions Strategy, Coca Cola Europacific Partners


C) Employee & Customer Experience

Susan Connolly, Sales & Marketing Director, Connolly Spar


D) Diversity & Inclusion

Milon Harman, Head of Product Design & UX, Tes


E) Multichannel Complaint Handling

F) CX On A Budget

13.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Andrew Clayton, Former Global Head of Customer, Experience, E.ON


Carrie Timms, Director of Global Customer Marketing, EMEA, Facebook


14.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


14.20 Increase Your Brand Presence & Differentiate Amongst Competitors With Winning Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

  • As customers spend more time online, they will expect more from businesses – how can you harness a consistent voice across all platforms?
  • Uncover ways to integrate your CRM into your CMS to view and manage your content and your customers from one central location
  • How are businesses maximising social platforms and leveraging data to connect consumers for seamless experiences?
  • Explore the best tools and technologies to understand and map your customer journeys and touchpoints to perfect smooth omnichannel journeys

Dr Christian Velten, Global Head Medical Customer Experience, Roche


Pierluigi Bosco, Global B2C CX Lead, Royal Dutch Shell


14.50 Harness Customer Research, Analytics & Data For Actionable Insights Which Reflect The Voice Of The Customer & Drive Bottom-Line Results

  • Leverage and listen to consumer data to build accurate customer profiles which capture their needs
  • Useful data strategies which combine consumer insights across your channel mix and develop new experiences for shoppers
  • Explore new methodologies such as design thinking, agile and service design programmes which can benefit CX
  • Map the touchpoints of customer journeys and translate insights into creative and gratifying customer experiences

14.50 Perspective One

Charlotte Buckley, CX Manager, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland


15.10 Perspective Two

Tamás Kovalcsik, Head of Customer Intelligence, E.ON Hungaria


15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Develop Flexible CX Approaches Which Can Be Adapted In Times Of Uncertainty

  • When dealing with volatility, uncertainty and change, what does that mean for your brand and CX?
  • Understand what the recent pandemic and resulting market downturn taught us for adaptive and agile customer strategies
  • Assess which customer-centred programmes are here to stay to drive commercial success all year round

Ronan Gay, Head of Digital, Black Tomato


16.20 Stay Ahead in 2022: Killer Apps for Speech and Text Analytics

Join Ed Creasey of Calabrio as he shares 12 use cases and case studies that show how to deliver value quickly and sustainably with Interaction Analytics within your contact centre- to keep your organization ahead of your competition. Let Ed show you how to use data within the analytics program to deliver fast results; how integration and governance set you up for success; how analytics pipeline management can prioritise when you invest your time and get ROI; and how to combine Analytics with your existing Business Intelligence, Quality Management, Customer Survey, Training and Coaching Programs.

Ed Creasey, Director of Presales International, Calabrio


16.40 Looking Beyond Survival & Bringing Consumer Confidence Back To Encourage New Customers & Business

  • How have businesses adapted to the pandemic through online shopping whilst ensuring offline users were not forgotten?
  • Top tips to ensure high retention rates and encourage repeat business even in times of uncertainty
  • Determine ways to innovate traditional loyalty programmes to get ahead of competitors and appear at the top of customer searches

Claire O'Grady, Senior Customer Experience Manager, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland


17.00 Prove The Worth & Communicate The Commercial Value Of CX With Metrics & Analytics For Future Funding

  • Proactively measure insights and customer feedback to demonstrate the financial benefit of exceptional CX to the business
  • Showcase the impact of research to tap into customer demographics for continued investment
  • It’s not just about creating a purchase environment, but continuously improving the customer journey for long-term stability

Rhea Fox, Head Of Marketing, General Insurance, Aviva


17.20 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

17.30 Official Close Of Conference